October 4, 2018

Good Morning !

Today’s card comes from Little Reminders The Law of Attraction Oracle Cards.


We are asked to move forward. Many have felt a push and know this. It is bringing up fears. We are asked to be courageous. Some are being stubborn, refusing to budge. Some are just not sure what to do, so they choose to do nothing. For others, the direction they are wanting to go is blocked, that door’s been closed at last August’s Lions Gate. It seems many need some clarity about what steps to take next. Don’t worry or panic – relax, keep purging, ask for clear messages from your guides. They are asking us to make a decision and communicate our desires to them. Many are recieving messages at night. I get the sense this will soon pass and the path will be clear very soon. For work and career, many are thinking of a change in career but are unsure if it will work out. Spirit is saying be brave and bold and go for it. You may want to take your time, however, and make slow, steady progress. For some, you are afraid to speak up at work with co-workers or asking for that raise you know you deserve. Again, you are asked to have courage. Speak up during a time that’s calm at work and you feel calm. Try wearing colours, clothing, or scents which help you feel confident. Know it will all work out the way it’s supposed to and know Spirit has your back. If it doesn’t work out in your favour, know you have other options and it’s an opportunity to try something different. In love, many are feeling strong sexual energies and passion. If you are wanting something in the love area, communicate it to your partner or person  you are dating. If you are single, you may be asked to make the first move. Don’t worry, you got this.


Thanks for reading, have an awesome day!




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