October 5, 2018

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from The Lovers Oracle.


We are asked to ground today. There are some universal energies affecting the head area. We are asked to spend time in nature. If it’s hard for you to go outside, bring nature inside to your space. Using stones and herbs can be beneficial. I am seeing the heart is also being worked on now. We are asked to open up to the love all around. Using rose and rose quartz can be helpful. I have both a Crown Chakra Oil and 2 Rose Oils which can help. Some are working too hard. Take some time to connect to your intuition and heart space. We are asked to calm ourselves, allowing for peace to come. This is a tiring time for many, rest is called for. Good news for love, I am seeing unions coming together for divine partnerships, soulmates, and twin flames. Those who have yet to meet their twin may meet sometime in the next few weeks, this month or next. Like yesterday’s card, many are feeling sexy, passionate energies. Enjoy!


Thanks for reading , have an awesome weekend!




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