October 6, 2018

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from The Halloween Oracle.


What a pair, hey. In the Werewolf card, I see downloads coming in. We are getting messages at night. You may be waking with understanding, teachings, inspiration, epiphany. In the image, he is standing by branches, but I am seeing electricity. The werewolf is a person who changes into part wolf during full moon. There is something which has happened causing your personality to change. We are asked to explore this new part of ourselves. We are journeying towards wholeness, awakening and calling in all our parts. We are a balance of human, animal, and divine. Drawing this card asks us to spend more time in nature and to allow our wildness to flow free in a balanced way. Many understand our connection to the moon and her influence her cycles have on us. In The Witch card, I am seeing the heart being worked on. We are asked to open our hearts more. There is a fire burning in our hearts, our passion, we are asked to pay attention to it and follow it. Some may be experiencing heartburn. This card says, “The earthly weaver of the worlds,” asking us to ground our passion, bringing our ideas into reality. This takes action. Make steps towards following what is your heart to do. This is a good time to tell the universe our hearts desire so it comes to you now.  In both these cards I am seeing the sexual energies we’ve been seeing in the past few cards. Express your passion in a wild way.

Thanks for reading, have an awesome day!




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