October 9, 2018

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from Dragon Oracle Cards.

photo (31)

We are continually asked to remain grounded. I have an article posted on  my blog with some tips and techniques – Grounding. From this card, I am also getting we are asked to practice shielding ourselves. I have a Crystal Protection video on my Facebook page, if you’re interested. We are asked to keep our thoughts positive and vibration high. My Chakra Balancing Oil can help now, too. It’s a blend with frankincense to help keep your vibration high, patchouli for grounding, energies of protection, along with other oils and stones to help bring balance. Using my blend or a similar blend can help. For many, this has been a busy time and we are asked to calm down. For some, we are asked to watch our anger and what we say. On the weekend, we received The Emperor card from Zombie Tarot. This card today is similar energy with standing our ground, protecting, and leadership, but is also watch your temper, I feel. Pay attention to messages at night. Red, black, and gold stones and colours can help.

Thanks for reading, have an awesome day!




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