October 19, 2018

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from Lovers Oracle.


What I am seeing in this card, is crown upgrades happening with the trickle down into the rest of the body. You may be feeling all types of symptoms now. Trust in this process. There are changes happening to help you on your way. Allow for the transformation to occur. I am seeing a balancing out of male and female energies in the body. I am also seeing a connection to the earth and kundalini rising. I am seeing energies coming from below coming up through the bottom of the spine as the energies are coming in from above entering through the crown. This is helping to bring more harmony into relationships and is helping those get ready for union. I am still seeing many unions coming together. For those having a hard time in their relationships now, we are asked to trust all will be okay. We are asked to trust on our intuition to help us navigate any changes happening. Go with the flow. There’s many going through trust issues now. Try not to jump to conclusions. There’s some issues being highlighted and light being shed on things we haven’t been seeing. We are asked to look within, to try to understand what’s going on, we are asked to clearly see. There’s still a purging process happening to help with letting go of things we no longer need to carry moving forward. You may feel other things coming at you from all directions, know you are protected. Keep your vibration high to not let others affect you. Take some time for meditation. You are safe in your love.


Thanks for reading, have an awesome weekend!




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