October 25, 2018

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from Little Reminders The Law of Attraction Oracle Cards.


This card reminds me of yesterday’s card because of the horse. In yesterday’s card we seen some were having a hard time moving forward because there was something or someone they loved they were leaving behind. In this card the woman seems to be stubborn and not wanting to budge. Things are changing and we are moving forward for sure, but it can be hard to accept change. And I am feeling this has to do with acceptance. We are asked to accept our new situations and have faith it will be a good change for us. We are asked to detach from the past and look forward to the future. We are asked to focus on all the good of your current situation. For some this has to do with their love life. You are scared of being hurt again and of opening up yourself again. You are asked to let go of past hurts, have faith in yourself to trust your intuition about prospective partners. You are asked to open your heart up to love again. For some, you are asked to guide others and are afraid to step up into your leadership role. People are waiting for your help. We are still going through crown upgrades, I am seeing headaches today. I am seeing issues with the shoulders and bladder leaks. The full moon is bringing downloads. Watch for messages from the birds. Just like in yesterday’s card, we have good manifesting energy.


Thanks for reading, have an awesome day !




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