October 28, 2018

Good Morning!

Today’s cards comes from Zombie Tarot.


We have really good manifesting energies now and the universe is waiting to hear your wishes. We are asked to go after our heart’s desire. Some are choosing to follow their head, going after the more logical, practical approach and denying what may make them happier in the long run. This may be why you are doubting and questioning yourself.  I can feel your sacrifice, you may be doing this for your family and those whom you are responsible for. Know you are not limited, you have more options than you realize and never give up on your dreams. Both cards are 8’s which can mean having a logical, strategic approach to your situation. During Full Moon Reading on Facebook, we seen many will be able to use innovation and ingenuity to make their situation work for them. 8’s can also signify progress and a job well done, especially if you are doing this.There’s even a medal of achievement on the Star card. We are asked to balance our head and heart, to do this we are asked to stick up for our wants and needs, to have a backbone. Today we have a 10/10 stargate allowing us to achieve more balance and success. We are asked to intake more minerals and take measures to strengthen our bones and teeth. Some are going through legal issues now, stay positive about your outcome and ask your angels for help.

Thanks for reading, have an awesome day!




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