November 12, 2018

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from Zerner-Farber Tarot.


This card makes me feel like we are on the right path. We are moving towards something stable, growing, and producing fruit. We are moving toward a more abundance. We are tending to this with our love and positive energy. Spirit has our back. Many are seeing and recognizing the signs Spirit is sending. It seems like it’s destined, like even the stars are aligned. For many this path is mission, what you’re here to do and being who you really are. Clairaudience is awakening and/or heightened at this time.You may experience ringing in the ear, leaky ears, itchy, hot ears. Listen for messages through music and feeling inspired to write or play music. Our hearts are in the right place, connect to you heart, follow the love you feel. Take the steps necessary to fulfil your dreams, wishes, passion. We are asked to continue grounding. Some may be light headed, headachy, having stomach and bowel issues. Take good care of yourself during this time, it will pass. For some, there’s conflict surrounding, this may be internal or external, but keep moving through and forward despite. Good things are here and will continue to come. Have faith, stay focused!

Thanks for reading, have an awesome week ahead!




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