November 23, 2018

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from The Romance Angels Oracle Cards.


Many are feeling stressed and busy. It’s time for grounding, getting back to what matters, and taking some time for yourself. Some are asked to free up some time and space for love. It’s time to get back into the driver’s seat regarding your romantic life. For some, this may be about letting go of someone or something. For some, this has to do with feeling stuck in their head, unable to move because of thinking the worst. Spirit would like us to remember the love you feel, go with it, don’t allow your fears to stop you. Because of Mercury now in retrograde, communication has been cut off for some.We are asked to work on our throat chakra and not giving your power away to the retrogrades. We’re still in control, have choices, and limitless options. You are not stuck. This is a limiting belief and you may have to explore why you are feel in this way. There’s some now who are heartbroken and tending to their heartache. Do something good for yourself, do something you enjoy to remember the good things you have in your life.

Thanks for reading, have an awesome weekend!




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