November 30, 2018

Good Morning !

Today’s card comes from Lovers Oracle Cards.


There’s some really cool energies today, I think it’s a good sign for our love lives. I am seeing this eruption of passion and beautiful, loving energies pouring fourth. You may want to be aware of lust clouding your judgement, you may feel like giving into wild abandon. I am seeing the ability to ground, with a focus on the heart and love. We are asked to expand, try new things, to see things from a new perspective. We are asked to let go of the past, to forgive, to look forward to the future and new beginnings. For some who are wanting a second chance with someone, you will have to forgive and change your thinking and beliefs about this relationship. I am seeing issues with the lungs, breasts, chest area, back, and shoulders. All colours of stones and crystals are good to work with now.


Thanks for reading , have an awesome day!




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