December 9, 2018

Good Afternoon!

Today’s card comes from The Zombie Tarot.


In Wednesday’s card, we seen some were feeling pulled in many different directions and feeling stretched thin. To me, this card shows a similar energy, like you are unsure of what your heart wants. It looks like you have choices to make. Some of those choices may result in loss and heartache. You may have to walk away from someone or something you love in order to move forward. In yesterday’s card, we are asked to access our inner wisdom, seek council from a wise person, and take our time making the right decision for us and all involved. Many readers say the 3 of Swords can indicate a third party situation, like cheating, I’m not really sensing that but feel I should mention it. This card can also indicate jealousy, someone may be jealous towards you or you may need to be aware of your own jealousy when making your decision.

Thanks for reading , have an awesome day !




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