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What Do The Cards Say For You?

My Bag O’ Tricks includes Oracle Readings, Energy Healing, and Potions!

Guidance for

  • love
  • relationships
  • career
  • finances
  • healing
  • ascension
  • connecting to your guides

Oils for

  • love
  • protection
  • grounding
  • chakra balancing
  • connecting to your guides

Energy Healing for

  • balance
  • wellness
  • relaxation
  • activations


Pick A Trick?



Please contact me for an appointment. I will require a deposit for booking appointments. I require payment before I give your reading. I accept e-transfers, paypal, or cash on arrival. I also accept trades. No refunds.
Please refer to this page for my available times – https://www.facebook.com/CreeWoman26sBagOTricks/posts/518021261932812
Card Readings
  • $22 for 3 cards and 15 minutes
  • $44 for 14 card 11:11 Spread and 30 minutes
  • $22 for every additional 15 minutes – please keep that in mind, many have more questions during the reading and after, in which case, please book another appointment or pay an additional $22 for the extra time and cards pulled. If you would like an in depth reading, you’ll need to book an hour of which I require an $88 deposit but I will refund your money of any unused time. Basically, it’s $22 for every 15 minutes or $88/hour.

Decks I Use ~

  • Zerner-Farber Tarot Deck – by Monte Farber and Amy Zerner
  • Medicine Woman Tarot Deck – by Carol Bridges
  • Path of the Soul Destiny Cards – by Cheryl Lee Harnish
  • The Faeries’ Oracle – by Brian Froud
  • Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards – by Kyle Gray and Lily Moses
  • The Romance Angels Oracle Cards – by Doreen Virtue
  • Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards – by Doreen Virtue
  • Orion Council Oracle Cards – by Krista Raisa
  • Dragon Oracle Cards – by Diana Cooper


 Oils ~

I require payment before I begin making your oil. Oils may take a few weeks to make and are made to order. All oils are in stock. I can make the $22 oils in bigger jars for $44. I also sell bath salts for bathing rituals – $10
$22 Oils
Crown Chakra Oil
I created this oil to help with ascension headaches. Can also be used to help with mental clarity, focus, and racing thoughts. We use this oil in my home to help with rashes, acne, dandruff, and other skin flare ups. Great for scalp massage – so invigorating! Great one for crown upgrades.
Glass bottle contains amethyst chips, rose hip oil as a carrier oil, tea tree essential oil, rosemary essential oil, peppermint essential oil, frankincense essential oil, and lavender essential oil.
All ingredients smudged with sage and infused with reiki.
Chakra Balancing Oil
For relaxation, psychic detox, grounding
Oils of patchouli, orange, lemon, peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender, frankincense, rose, and neroli in fractionated coconut oil base
All ingredients smudged with Sage. Infused with reiki, charged on crystal grid while chakra balancing music is played. Sealed with beeswax. Include small gemstone beads to carry or wear to keep yourself in balance.
Can be used on the skin. This is a good oil for ascension symptoms. This is also a good oil for empaths and readers. Anoint all your chakras, put a few drops in your bath, or on your pillow before bed. Put a few drops on a candle, in an oil burner or diffuser.
Mermaid Oil
Fragrance inspired by mermaids
~Mini glass bottle containing shells, sea coloured glitter, one piece of aqua aura quartz, piece of moss to look like seaweed
~Ingredients of liquid rose water, fractionated coconut oil, fragrance oil
~Smudged with Sage, infused with reiki, and sealed with beeswax, and decorated with glass bead
~Charged on card from Doreen Virtue’s Magical Mermaids and Dolphins deck
Card says “Play Time! The dolphins know the importance of playing, as joy creates miracles and manifestation.”
Use for connecting to water spirits, connecting to your inner mermaid, learning to go with the flow, and deep but gentle healing.
You can use in bath water, as a fragrance, and as a mermaid altar oil. Works with the water element.
Faerie Oil ~ $22
Fragrance inspired by Faeries
Smells like an orange creamsicle.
~Mini glass bottle containing dried white clover buds, dried lilac petals, glitter(faerie dust 😉), one piece of aura quartz
~Liquid ingredients include fractionated coconut oil, vanilla essential oil, and orange essential oil
~Smudged with Sage, infused with reiki, sealed with beeswax, decorated with small bell
~Charged on card from Brian Froud’s The Faeries’ Oracle deck 36 “Spirit Dancer.”
Card says, “Self-expression. Freedom. Exploration.”
Use as fragrance on the skin or in bath water. Can use as a candle dressing. Place a few drops in a candle to connect with the fae. Can use as an altar oil for faerie altars.
$44 Oils
Healing Rose Oil
Healing for the heart, heart chakra, grief, connecting to Holy Mother Mary
~Small glass bottle containing rose petals, rose quartz, and gold leaf for the conductor
~Ingredients of liquid rose water, organic rosehip seed oil, rose damascena essential oil
~Smudged with Sage, infused with golden light energy, and sealed with beeswax, and decorated with paper rose
~Blessed by Holy Mother Mary
~Charged on card from Kyle Gray’s Keepers of the Light Mother Mary Card
Can be worn on the skin. Anoint your heart chakra. Use in times of grief for a calming effect. Can use for spot treatment for scars. This is a good oil for those in recovery from substances or activities. Can be used as an altar oil for Mary altars. Place a few drops in a novena candle to help you to connect with Holy Mother Mary. Can be used to anoint your rosary beads.
Rose Protection Oil
Healing for the heart, heart chakra, forgiveness, protection
~Small glass bottle containing rose petals, rose quartz, and gold leaf for the conductor
~Includes one rose thorn for protection
~Ingredients of liquid rose water, organic rosehip seed oil, rose attar fragrance oil
~Smudged with Sage, infused with golden light energy, and sealed with beeswax, and decorated with paper rose
~Blessed by Holy Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, and Jesus
~Charged on card from Kyle Gray’s Keepers of the Light Master Jesus
Can be worn on the skin. This oil is more masculine smelling than the Healing Rose Oil. Anoint your heart chakra. Good for calming fear. Protection from negativity. Helps to lift your vibration. Use before bed for good dreams and protection while you sleep.
Love Oil
~ Ingredients include rose water, rose oil, essential oils, herbs, spices, flower petals, gemstones, and copper wire to conduct the energy.
~ Infused with reiki for healing and self love, kundalini earth energies for sensuality and sexuality, and blessed by angels for protection.
~ Sealed with red or pink thread and red or pink wax to hold in the energies until it reaches you.
~ Made during full moon, new moon, and Fridays only.
~ Ingredients will depend on the person and each oil is made specifically for that person and their intents. I will use my own intuition or a card reading to reveal the oil right for you, but please don’t hesitate to make requests for what you are looking for.
~ Please indicate any allergies, skin sensitivities or skin concerns you may have.
~ All ingredients are smudged and charged with fire during working. Oils will vary in ingredients and look depending on the person.
To use: Not edible. Can be worn on the skin. Because oil and water don’t mix, you will need to shake prior to use. Just a note – sometimes don’t smell the best so can be worn along other fragrance. Place a drop on heart and annoint heart chakra. If you enjoy the scent, you can wear as a fragrance to special event or date. You can add a few drops to bath during moon cycles or bathing rituals. Or you can rub on a candle or add a drop to candle before lighting to release the fragrance and energy in the air. Use your intuition on how best to use your oil.
I will send you detailed information on what ingredients are in your oil and why they are in there. I will also send you detailed information on how to use.


Energy Treatments ~

  • Half hour chakra balancing $33
  • 1/2 hour Attunement $33

Energy Treatments in person only – I will announce when attunements are available online.



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