Changing Up Your Space For The Seasons

One practice I’ve put into my routine is changing my decor around for holidays and seasons. I even like to eat seasonally if I can. It may be because I am a Cancer, which is a water sign, but I like to change my decor with the energies present. I feel like it helps me, “go with the flow.” I become inspired by the energies present and I like to welcome the new into my home and practice. It helps me to feel energized, calm, creative, and I can feel the shift energetically of one season to another. I like to celebrate the energy present, to learn how to work with the energy and invite the new. It helps me to let go of the old, welcome the new.

We’ve just finished celebrating Christmas and New Years here in my home. Now we’re getting ready for Valentine’s day and Imbolc. Right now in stores all the Valentine’s Day decor is out. You might want to pick up some items for now or for later, in which case, I recommend getting a place to store items for future use. I put items away in a designated space in my cupboards, or in storage bins in the garage if I am not using them currently. Some items I outgrow or may not feel the need for anymore and I plan to put them away for a garage sale or for repurposing or giving away.

Some items you may want to pick up for Valentine’s Day decor out in the stores now:

Items that say “LOVE” – consider making a love altar or to have love written in places to remind you visually what you are trying to attract or to remember that you are a loving person and are made with love.

Craft supplies ~You may want to create or craft items to celebrate love and there are lots of crafting items right now in pinks, reds, heart shaped, etc. It doesn’t have to be expensive to celebrate seasonally – here’s some crafts my kids and I have made over the years, using what we had on hand:

This is hanging garland we made out of dental floss or string and construction paper. The rose garland on the side is made out of tissue paper I save from gifts we’ve received. I save and reuse things a lot. I’m a waste not, want not type of person. The garland in the middle I bought from the Dollar Tree, but looks easy enough to make with paper, tissue, or ribbon. There’s lots of pretty ribbons out in the stores right now.

photo 4

This is garland we made out of tin foil and string – stars and hearts. This was actually decorations from my youngest daughter’s last birthday party, so you can reuse decor for other things. In fact, I may buy some of the Valentine’s Day stuff now and save for her birthday party in June.

photo 1

Here’s some jars we decorated. The jars were just hanging around my home.

These are old spice jars and I used nail polish to paint them. lol.

photo 3

The first jar is stickers my daughter added. The middle is pink salt glued on and a ribbon I had in my ribbon stash. The third one is painted with nail polish – the jars are old pickle and olive jars. The mason jar probably had tomatoes or salsa once, canned by my mom. The white flowers in the one jar are made from coffee filters.

photo 2(1)

I use these items all year long to store my herbs, to house my incense sticks, and as decor pieces on my love altar. I use them as vases for flowers.

And remember these:


I’ve taken out the acorns and I think me and the kids are going to craft some ornaments to turn the white branches into a Valentine’s Day love tree.

Pink and red candles – stock up now while they are around. I burn lots of candles and can use them always. I use red for grounding and pink for love and heart chakra. You can even find heart shaped candles and scented ones – even chocolate scented candles. Many of you know, I burn candles for you while I do readings.

Hearts – of course.

Arrows and Cupid – for honouring Eros/Cupid. In the cards lately, we’ve been seeing arrows as a reminder to stay focused. Maybe you get some arrow and heart decor to remind you to stay focused on the love.

Infinity Symbols – sacred to many

If you aren’t into the frilly, cutsy stuff, there’s lots of key to my heart type of symbols you can use for Hecate altars.

Other items – incense in fragrances like vanilla, rose, chocolate strawberry, and other romance inducing scents.

Roses – I love fresh roses which are in season here in June. Real roses don’t last, even when they are dried I use them in oils, bath salts, smudge, potpourri, and other things in my bag o’ tricks. If you are gifted with roses for Valentine’s Day, dry them and reuse the petals. Roses are good for healing, connect to the heart chakra, grounding, beauty, love, and are sacred to many deities. Gifted roses will have more magical energy. However, I am not above using fake flowers either. I can always reuse them for other decor pieces, gifts, or for decorating graves of my loved ones. For many of you, during readings, I’ve suggested to place roses in your space. Roses are also good for Blessed Mother Mary Altars.

Speaking of flowers, white and yellow flowers are good ones for celebrating Imbolc. I think some will even use pink and red, too. I killed two birds with one stone by getting white flowers with pink tips. There’s also red and pink fabric rose petals, in the base, with white roses and pink cattails. I think I could use the pastel colours for Easter and Spring. I got most of these at the Dollarama and Dollar Tree.

photo 2

This is also a time when many may be starting their seeds. You might consider planting your seeds with certain intentions such as, “As my seed grows, so does my bank account,” or, ” As my seed grows, so does the love in my life,” etc. I’ve seen many Imbolc seed blessings around Pinterest and the internet. There are gardening supplies and seed starting kits all over the stores now, too.

Once Valentine’s Day is over, we will pack it up, put it away for next year and decorate for St. Patrick’s Day. I’ve seen the St. Patrick’s Day decor in the stores, as well as, Easter and Spring. I know these are months away but for me, it gets me excited for the changes ahead. You can pick up green coloured decor for money altars and/or, gold coloured decor for money, prosperity, and Sun medicine. Rainbows to bring in all kinds of blessings and cheerfulness. And leprechauns to celebrate the fae to attract them into your life and welcome them in. You may even want to think about starting your faerie gardens now.

Remember, all these items go on clearance after the holiday is over. You can pick up items inexpensively to use for next year or other times. If you have weddings or engagement parties to go to this year, you can pick up certain Valentine’s Day items on clearance for gift wrapping or giving. You may even want to pick up certain Valentine’s Day decor to use as wedding decor.

Easter and spring decor items: Eggs for fertility, nests for welcoming in the new, birds for the air element, rabbits for fertility and connected to the moon, pastel colours for inviting in new, fresh energies, etc. Flowers like daffodils are symbolic for Easter and Spring, but also tulips.

One thing that has really helped me, is I have decluttered a lot of items from my space. This clears up space for me to decorate and change things up as I choose to. I have learned to detach from certain items, so I can get rid of them from my home. Some items I don’t feel ready to part with yet, I put away in designated space in cupboards so I can pull them out when needed. I don’t have tons of these cupboard either, I have a small space where I store them. Other things, like Christmas and Halloween decor that I have lots of and need more room for storage of them, I have a place for them in the garage. But now I am free to decorate with whatever energy I feel called to celebrate.

Anyway, I hope this helps you to think about celebrating certain energies. I celebrate love all year long, and keep a lot of my Valentine’s Day decor like roses, pink and red candles, etc around for my love altar. For me, it helps me to stay in love and to remember how much love I have in my life from my family, friends, and Spirit. And remember, none of it has to cost you tons of money, especially if you can reuse items and think ahead. I also wanted to include ways to reuse items because even though I am talking about shopping, I am conscious of consumerism.

Another holiday soon, Chinese New Year!

photo 1(1)

Hope this helps, thanks for reading!






Winter/Christmas Decor


Dollarama and Dollar Tree stuff in the vase


This is just a craft I did over the weekend, but I’m happy how it turned out. I spray painted the branches white, some I added hot glue to look like iced branches, and some I added glitter to look like frost



Hope you like it







Bathing To Clear Negativity


I have been practicing a personal bathing ceremony for years. I find it really works well for me to rid myself of negativity. I believe the bathing rituals help with the detox and purging process and can be powerful during Full Moon. I especially appreciate being able to connect to the water element.  I would like to share the routine I use with you – in particular those of my clients whom I’ve suggested to cleanse with the salts and those who have purchased salts from me. This ceremony is not made up by me but I have personalized to make work for me and switch it up according to what I need at the time. Feel free to do the same. Bathing in this way can be helpful for those who feel they take on others energies and can help to recharge if you are feeling drained. This bathing ritual is helpful for psychics and healers who work with clients.

You may begin by creating sacred space in your bathroom. I like to bathe in a clean bathroom – bathroom smells can be distracting. I like to do these particular bathing ceremonies after I’ve cleaned my bathroom well. You may like to light some candles, incense, even create an altar. You can find some bathroom altar ideas on my Pinterest board Sacred Space.  I like to Smudge myself, my bathroom, and my tub with Sage. You can decide to add whichever additives to your bathwater. I suggest Epsom salts, sea salt, pink Himalayan salts, or baking soda. You can add essential oils for healing or to provoke feelings of well-being. Having your bathwater as hot as you can stand it can pull more toxins out of the body. Be careful not to burn yourself, however. Hot water can be drying for the skin, so do remember to replenish moisture to the skin if you choose to detox this way. Another tip I have for using bath salts and herbs is to place the herbs into an organza bag or other mesh type fabric for easy cleanup afterwards. I really don’t mind being in a tub full of floating flowers and herbs – it’s like bathing in a pond. For a more moisturizing bath you can add carrier oils but remember those can clog your pipes – that’s between you and your plumber. There are also products you can use to colour your bathwater for colour healing. You may even enjoy bathing in mounds of bubbles. There are many ways to add a relaxing or healing element to your bathing ritual.

Check out my Etsy shop for products you can add to your bathing routine

So now you’re actually in the water. You may take a few minutes to relax in the water. Start by cleansing your feet using cleanser and think about how much your feet do for you. Next, cleanse your legs thinking about how much your legs do for you and so on and so forth, working your way up to your heart. Once you get to your heart, leave it and work on your upper body starting with cleansing your hair thinking of how much you appreciate your hair. Next, you can wash your face thinking of how much your eyes, nose, ears, mouth do for you and so and and so forth working your way down to your heart. You can start with your hair and face, neck, shoulders, arms, and hands thinking of how much these parts do for you working your way down to the heart, then going to the feet, legs, bottom, stomach area, and lower back if you choose. You want to work towards the heart with the heart area being the last part you cleanse. Once you are cleansed, you can drain your water or spend more time relaxing in your water. I find when I am more toxic, sitting around in the bath water can make me feel sick. But if you think about it, you are sitting in water full of toxins. I also find, I can only stand to be in very hot water for only a short amount of time. So I try to only cleanse my body and leave my hair and face for the rinse off in the shower. I do recommend rinsing off in the shower, like I said, you have been sitting in a bath water full of your toxins. After you are cleansed, however, you can drain your tub and as the water drains, imagine all the toxins being pulled from your body and down the drain. Imagine any negativity leaving you and going down the drain. You can send anything you don’t want to carry anymore down the drain. You can sit there until the water is gone. Now it’s time to rinse off in the shower. If you need cooling down, you can rinse off with cooler water. Some people like to stand facing the Eastern direction to invite new energies after allowing the negative energies to leave. After you are rinsed off, dry yourself in the same direction you used cleansing working your way towards your heart. You can use your moisturizer, and place in the same direction, working towards your heart. Once you are done, it’s important to remineralize and drink water. Adding lemon to your drinking water can help or drinking spring water. It sounds involved to bath this way, but it can become habit, and the more you practice – the quicker and easier it becomes. You may find you will detox easy using this method.


Hope this helps and thanks for reading.